JELET is one of the most sought-after examinations for the diploma students as well as graduate students who aspire to become a full-fledged engineer and boost their career in different technical fields. Furthermore, JELET is also a gateway for the D.Pharm students to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and set specific goals in the pharma field. No matter how enticing the examination or its career prospects might seem to be, JELET is often a hard nut to crack. However, with an efficient study plan, smart techniques, in-depth knowledge of key concepts and foolproof guidance, you can not just clear the exam but also make good scores to secure your seat in the state’s top colleges. And all of these you can achieve only at the IAE Academy, an institute that offers the best JELET coaching in Kolkata. Come, let’s explore more about IAE’s JELET 2021 coaching strategies.


If this page has caught your eyes, it’s obvious that you already have a clear idea of what JELET is and for whom JELET is meant for. But let’s tell you that JELET is not just an entrance examination for lateral entry in 2nd-year B.Tech, B.E or B.Pharm, but much more than that. It is a stepping stone to becoming a successful engineer, an ideal professor, a great researcher and an ambitious entrepreneur as well. No matter what profession you choose in the future, the JELET acts as a powerful junction in between your prosperous career journey. Thus, before going directly onto the preparation technique, it’s essential that you understand what JELET can actually add to your academic career and why it is important to devote your time and effort to crack JELET. And this section is specifically designed to help the students as well as the parents  know why they should opt for JELET preparation and what they can take away out of it. Let’s have a look.

  • The pandemic crisis & consequent low salary for diploma candidates- Until 2020, the basic idea behind opting for JELET was obtaining a higher degree and thereby, a high-salaried white-collar job. However, with the massive onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, things have turned topsy-turvy. With the steep surge in the number of active cases, frequent lockdowns and a dampened economy, IT companies, big tech giants and other small industries all over the world have resorted to cost-cutting which leaves no choice for the IT professionals to compromise with a low salary that is being offered.

In such a condition, JELET is the only way to boost your career as an industry professional to secure your prospect while adjusting with the ‘new normal' or the ‘new salary system’ to be specific. 


  • Fewer job opportunities for diploma candidates - The next reason why JELET could be the best choice in 2021 is because of the fact that the global pandemic has considerably reduced the avenues of work, especially for the diploma holders. With the emergence of the worldwide crisis, the job opportunities for the diploma students have become very few. Thus, JELET is a great way to build your personal portfolio and increase work opportunities in the present pandemic situation.
  • JELET is the key to other professions - The last and the most practical reason for choosing JELET is that JELET could be a major turning point in your career, if you give your 100% towards its preparation. It is because through JELET, you can leapfrog in your career or let’s say, JELET could act as a ladder through which you can move up and ahead in your career journey. For instance, if you are a diploma student aspiring to do M.Tech and phD in future and establish yourself as a full-time professor in an engineering college, you have to go through JELET in between to achieve your goal. 

Best JELET preparation in Kolkata and Why Choose IAE?

Now that you have understood the significance of JELET preparation and its purview of opportunities, let’s come straight to the best JELET preparation in Kolkata. The city of Joy has got some of the best institutes for competitive coaching covering popular exams like WBCS, CAT, GATE, JELET and more. However, IAE Academy is the one that provides quality education for all of these competitive exams under one roof. Here, we are discussing about IAE’s JELET coaching since it has got a curated, precise and unique study plan to help their students in the best possible way, a way that is different from the others and makes IAE stand out among the crowd. Let’s look at some of the key features of the academy.

  • Flexibility - IAE offers the best JELET coaching in Kolkata that includes two crucial learning techniques - Online Live Program and Classroom Program. You can opt for either of the programs depending on your choice and requirement. Thus, IAE offers you complete flexibility of decision.
  • Topnotch Faculty - IAE’s faculty team includes well-trained and experienced teachers, industry experts as well as alumni of premier institutes  to give you the best guidance.
  • Optimum Resources - At IAE, you get abundant resources in the form of interactive classes, mock tests (including over 20 sectional tests & over 5 full mock tests), and live class recording videos. Moreover, you also get additional problem-solving videos, workbooks with 100% coverage and doubt-clearing platforms to aid your preparation.
  • Superior Infrastructure - IAE’s classroom and online infrastructure is one of the best in the city. It offers 100% ease of learning and provides a congenial platform for a seamless teaching-learning process. 
  • Affordability - Last but not the least, IAE’s JELET preparation package is one of the most affordable and economical ones, compared to other institutes since IAE’s courses are specifically designed keeping in mind the aspirants belonging to the lower income groups.

IAE academy is a one-stop solution for your competitive exam preparation. And when it comes to the best JELET preparation in Kolkata, there is truly no other option. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol yourselves today for IAE JELET preparation and see your career bloom with colours of success. For more information about JELET eligibility, syllabus and other details, visit our knowledge base.