Are you a diploma or B.Sc student? Preparing for JELET 2022? If yes, then this blog is a must read for you.
The biggest news regarding JELET 2022 is the major change in the syllabus that differs almost by 90% from that of the previous year, as notified by the West Bengal Joint Entrance Board. Which means one should expect a paradigm shift in the question pattern and marks distribution. And in such a scenario, students are expected to face huge challenges in JELET 2022 exam preparation. Let’s have an idea of what these challenges could be. 

  1. Lack of enough motivation to deal with the new pattern - The biggest challenge you would probably face in your JELET 2022 preparation in the first place is the lack of motivation. A large number of students would get demotivated by the huge change in the JELET 2022 syllabus, thereby leading to lack of enough confidence to adjust with the new change and head towards success. 
  2. No previous year questions - The second challenge and one of the main causes for getting demotivated is the dearth of relevant previous year questions that form an integral part of JELET preparation. Since, the syllabus or pattern is all new, there’s hardly any previous year resource that would aid in your preparation for the coming year. 
  3. Lack of proper strategic planning - An abrupt change in the syllabus makes students mess up with their studies and thus, they lack strategic planning to prepare for the JELET exam.
  4. No tips or guidance from previous year toppers - Another drawback in preparing for the JELET 2022 is that you won’t get any specific tips, tricks or guidance from the previous year toppers of JELET exam because of the significant change in syllabus. Although the motivational words might help you boost your confidence to some extent, you cannot expect fruitful strategies or study techniques since they have prepared for a completely different syllabus.
  5. Completely new start from scratch for the dropouts - It’s an all-new start from the beginning for the JELET 2022 aspirants since the old syllabus won’t be of much benefit. So, starting everything from the very basic level is by itself a great challenge especially for the dropout students, who have dropped a year or two in putting extra time and effort to crack the JELET exam. 
  6. Extra attention for +2 subjects - The new JELET 2022 syllabus is more focused on +2 subjects like Maths & Physics with special emphasis on the core concepts. Thus, the diploma students might find it challenging to put in extra effort in understanding such concepts right from the beginner level.

How To Deal With These Challenges?

So students, are you ready to prepare for JELET 2022 by yourself? Yes! We are sure you can & you will. But remember the above challenges? Those challenges can get really stubborn on your way and get you in trouble. Therefore, the best solution is to deal with the challenges because one thing is obvious and that is, you cannot eliminate them. But how? Well, the ICE Academy under IAE group can help you. 

The ICE Academy, one of Kolkata’s premier JELET coaching institutes is all set to make their students comfortable with the new JELET 2022 syllabus and help them to acquire top rank in the examination. Let’s look at some of their latest strategies to combat the new pattern of JELET 2022.

  1. Optimum Motivation & Guidance - ICE Academy faculty members, as well as career experts constantly strive to ensure optimum motivation and morale boost up of the students by fulfilling all their requirements to top the exam. So that they don't feel discouraged or demotivated at any point in their preparation.
  2. Provision for Probable Questions By Experts - With the major change in JELET 2022 syllabus, previous year’s questions have become irrelevant. However, the expert faculty members of ICE Academy make sure that there’s no scarcity of resources for practice and for this reason, they have come up with multiple sets of probable questions for JELET 2022 and this is going to be a great help for the JELET preparation
  3. Unique Course Structure & Strategic Study Plan - ICE Academy offers a unique, enriched and strategic course to the students that helps in ensuring a proper learning process, despite a significant change in syllabus. We also ensure properly designed new study materials with 100% coverage.
  4. Foolproof Tips from Experienced faculty - A pool of best and experienced faculty members provide excellent tips, tricks and specific strategies to ensure the development of the required skills of students in giving accurate answers in less time and thereby, securing top rank in the JELET exam.
  5. Proper & Effective Teaching & Multiple Practice Sessions - The specialized faculty members ensure the best strategic guidance according to the latest updated syllabus that would help both freshers as well as dropouts to understand key concepts with ease. Moreover, they organize multiple mock tests & practice sessions as per the new syllabus so that students never miss out on anything.
  6. Specialized Coaching for Every Subject - ICE Academy is well-equipped with a pool of specialized & experienced faculty members who provide equal guidance for each of the subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry and more. Besides, they provide updated study materials for each subject so that you don’t have to worry about any of them.

The best part about ICE Academy is that their JELET course runs not just for a specified period of 3 or 6 months but till the commencement of the exam and provides continued support until then. 

So, if you are one of those JELET aspirants willing to make it up to the toppers list but the new syllabus is still getting into your nerves, don’t lose hope. Just stay focussed and ensure the best guidance and success will definitely be yours.