Excelling in GATE exam is not an easy target to achieve. It is a long process and there are several challenges associated with this process. Also just like some other competitive exams, day by day GATE exam is getting more and more difficult due to its increasing neck to neck competition. The awareness of the students about the wide range of acceptance of GATE exam score (both in national and international levels) has made the exam one of the most popular and prestigious competitive exams in India.

Every year almost 8 lakh students appear for the GATE exam. So to stand out from the crowd, one needs to prepare intelligently for the exam with a clear vision, in-depth subject knowledge, regular study routine and continuous test paper solving. This may appear a mammoth task in the beginning, but a step by step preparation with proper guidance will definitely help the students to see the ray of hope and stay motivated.   

One more aspect which is also very important from the perspective of GATE preparation is time management. To cover such a vast syllabus of GATE in time, one needs to manage time wisely. In this situation, it is advisable to first go through the entire syllabus and allocate certain time for completion of any specific topic according to the time availability. So, the earlier you start, the more is the probability to get a good GATE score.  The goal should always be to implement smart strategy to generate maximum output in minimum time frame, which means if time management skill of a student improves, the performance of that student should also get better automatically.  

Key points of planning for GATE preparation

Work efficiently

GATE students generally face a situation where they are bound to cover a huge syllabus in limited time period. Especially for those students who are in 2nd or 3rd year of B.Tech and wish to prepare for GATE simultaneously, time is one of the key factors for them to manage. For them it is advisable to have a proper monthly, weekly and daily study plan. Where students should set realistic deadlines for them and try to achieve it with everyday. The plan should include time frames for revision and giving mock tests. The students should also refrain themselves from making the plan monotonous. It is also advisable to find time for mental refreshment. Because it is inevitable for maintaining or improving efficiency of the GATE preparation.

Have a clear vision

GATE syllabus encompasses a wide range of subjects. When students start to plan for GATE preparation, they normally get confused about the starting point and they delay their preparation in indecisiveness.  So, instead of wasting time students should make a plan starting from their comfortable zone, i.e. the core subjects. Once they master the core subjects their confidence level will improve a lot and they will be able to manage the rest efficiently.


Since GATE preparation is a process of 1-2years or may be more, students will encounter frustration and mental fatigue. Mainly the inability to achieve deadlines or having problems in understanding some of the concepts or inadequacy in quality resources may lead to mental frustration. In this situation students may lose their focus and waste time. In these circumstances, it is highly recommended to stay motivated and think positively. Sometimes students can take a short break and make a new start or they can take experts advice to resolve the problem.       

Enjoy the subject

Since GATE preparation is a tedious process, it is better to learn the subjects with passion rather than just memorizing the subject matter. Because passion creates interest and we don’t feel exhausted during the learning process. Also if the students can learn the subjects with a problem-solving mindset and associate the problems with real life situations, wherever possible, then they will feel satisfied and accomplished. This satisfaction will keep them motivated and focussed towards GATE preparation and dig deeper into the complexity of the subjects.