“What is the best GATE coaching center in Kolkata?” is the most frequently asked question by any GATE aspirant in Kolkata. This is primarily because of the scarcity of knowledge among the most of the undergraduate B.Tech students regarding GATE preparation. Students may gather a basic understanding of the GATE exam and its prospects during their B.Tech studies, but most of the times they face a dilemma about how and when to start the GATE preparation. Previously students used to kick off their GATE preparation from 5 or 6th semester. Because before 2021 only final year B.Tech students were eligible to appear in the GATE exam. But now 3rd year students can also appear in the GATE exam and this decision of the GATE organizing committee has increased the possibility to score well in the GATE exam.

To start the preparation of GATE exam, the very first thing that one requires is a proper planning with efficient time management. For GATE exam, one needs to prepare for General Aptitude (GA) (Engineering Math, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and English) and corresponding core subjects. There are a total of 29 subject papers (newly added subjects are Naval and Marine engineering (NM) and Geomatics Engineering (GE)
) in GATE2022 and every student is eligible to appear in two subject papers. So, students have to intelligently select the subject combination from the list.  In case of core subjects, students need to develop an in depth understanding and proficiency in problem solving of each topic in order to correctly answer the questions in exam. So, in order to do well in GATE, students need to consult many different books and prepare an advanced and updated study material and also practice problems regularly and give mock tests.  Therefore, students indispensably need to obtain expert’s guidance and that’s why students look for a standard coaching institution for GATE preparation. 

There are several coaching institutions in Kolkata for GATE preparation. Each  center has their unique infrastructure for teaching. So students need to keep few points in mind before getting associated with one of the coaching institutions. 

Firstly, the institute should provide advanced and updated study materials. Because GATE syllabus and exam pattern are largely different from semester curriculum and these are dynamically updated every year. 

Secondly, the institute should have specialized and experienced instructors for every subject. Because only the experienced faculties can mentor the students in a best possible way and help them to develop required skills to crack GATE exam.
Thirdly, the institute should provide interactive sessions all the students. Without proper interaction with the instructor it would be difficult for students to develop clear and in-depth knowledge of the subject. 

Fourthly, the institute should provide special lectures to cover the GA part. Because in general students and commercial institutes don’t take GA seriously.  But GA is the most scoring section of the GATE exam and GA and Engineering mathematics together cover 28 marks for all subject papers except AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH and XL

Lastly, students should regularly appear in the exclusively designed subject-wise timely mock tests and full-length mock test for final preparation to test their understanding of the respective subject topics and improve their confidence levels.
Therefore, the best institute would be the one which fulfills all these necessary and sufficient criteria.