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TCS CodeVita Contest details

TCS CodeVita is a programming contest organized by TCS with the intension of spreading awareness about coding. People participate in this contest to test their coding skills and to experience the joy of coding. This is a worldwide competition and TCS organizes this competition every year for college students of various disciples. Every year, lakhs of students across the globe participate in this competition with the intention to win the title for Worlds Best Coder and also an additional opportunity to procure job in TCS. 

TCS CodeVita 2021 was organized on In CodeVita 2021, 15 teams from India, Peru and Slovakia fought in the last round and a team from IIT-Hyderabad has bagged the 1st prize of $10,000. All the 30 finalists have been given provisional offers to work.

TCS CodeVita 2021 Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from the field of programming who are graduating in the years 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.
  • Universities degree is not mandatory.
  • Graduates and Post Graduates from any discipline can participate.

TCS CodeVita Rounds

This competition has three rounds.

  1. Pre-Qualifier
  2. Qualifier
  3. Grand Finale


  • It is an online coding challenge of six hours.
  • Candidates could attempt the test according to their convenience within the given time of 24 hours.
  • This round is a not monitored by web camera.
  • Those who perform well in this round with the top ranks could receive a direct job offer from TCS.


  • Shortlisted Candidates of the previous round are allowed to sit for the Qualifier Round.
  • The difficulty level of this round is much more than the previous round.
  • This round is also not monitored by web camera.
  • Excellent performance in this round could lead to a pretty good salary package from TCS.

Grand Finale

  • Those who qualify the second round gets an invitation to attend the Grand Finale in one of the TCS campuses.
  • The top 3 finalists receive a chance to win total prize money of US $20,000.

Important Topics for the contest

Here are some of the topics listed below. To crack the CodeVita, you should have a good knowledge and understanding of these topics.


Important Topics


Conditional and Looping




Dynamic Programming

Graphs and Algorithms

Gaming related problems

Language allowed and good offline compilers

Here you could either use the online compiler given in the TCS CodeVita test or you can go with the offline compiler of your choice. The main thing is that your code should pass both the public and the private test cases. If you go with offline compilers, do ensure that you meet with the appropriate versions as mentioned below.